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Dr. Shalini Kapoor, ND, MPH. Om Integrative Medicines

Welcome to a revolutionary concept of owning your health. How would you like to have integrative health care tailored exclusively for your unique needs?

We are passionate about taking all steps necessary to restore health using an integrative and individualized approach. Diagnosis involves detailed history, physical exams, conventional and speciality laboratory testing. Treatment approaches include homeopathy, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, plant stem cells therapy, hormone replacement, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

We look forward to working closely with you on your journey to optimal health.

Dr. Shalini Kapoor at Om Integrative Medicine, utilizes a whole systems approach to the treatment of disease starting with the identification of the root cause of the condition. Often there are multiple, hidden influences that create disharmony and disease in the body. Underlying sources of illness may include:

  • Environmental toxins and heavy metals
  • Chronic hidden infections and parasites
  • Unsuspected food allergies
  • Poor diet, nutrition, and lifestyle
  • Genetic susceptibilities like nucleotide polymorphisms in methylation and detoxification that may cause individuals to bio-accumulate toxins more rapidly due to impaired routes of elimination
  • Scars from previous injuries or surgeries that may create interference fields
  • Emotional and spiritual aspects to illness

For most patients, this approach provides them with a profound awareness of their interconnectedness as a living system. This awareness about their health and life as a whole is often very empowering and therapeutic.

Dr. Kapoor treats all conditions but takes a special interest in Lyme disease, chronic conditions, autoimmune conditions, autistic spectrum disorders, bioidentical hormone replacement, seasonal allergies and gastrointestinal conditions.

To know more about how her integrative naturopathic approach is right for you, feel free to call the clinic at 503 951 8008 or send us an email.